Tanzanite, Amethyst, & Tsavorite Garnet Necklace


This is a 16′ in. tanzanite, amethyst, tsavorite garnet, and green apatite necklace with a sterling silver clasp that can be extended to 18′ in. Tanzanite – “Stone of Magic” Aids manifestation. Stimulates Crown Chakra to produce visions and enhance psychic power. Gives user spiritual protection; helps get in touch with angels and guides. Powerful but gentle. Amethyst – “Stone of Healing” Heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Protects against psychic attacks. Opens and activates Crown Chakra. Tsavorite Garnet – Garnet variety that resembles Emerald in color. Enhances channeling and produces visions. Helps one to connect to this plane via sensitivity rather than through the physical senses, though it heals disorders pertaining to the 5 senses. Apatite – “Stone of the Future” Helps eliminate energy blockages; strengthens thyroid; stimulates intuition and aids in weight loss. Enhances creativity and clears mind.

*Made by Kristen Ford*