In addition to their natural beautify, crystals are worn by women and men for healing, energy protection, connection to Mother Earth and the stars and so many other reasons.

These sacred adornments have special meaning for each type and color of crystal gem worn. There are ancient beliefs that crystals invoke the energies and elements of the metaphysical world, and puts the wearer more in touch with their immediate senses.

Use this guide to understanding how to shop for jewelry made with crystals — and how to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your needs.

The Healing Power of a Crystal Used in Jewelry

You will find the same types of energy healing that are found in natural therapies are also attributed to the wearing of crystal jewelry, such as:



Tai Chi






Chakra clearing and energy healing

Why Crystal Jewels are Worn by Celebrities and So Many Others

Who wears this kind of jewelry? Everyone!

You certainly don’t need to be a star to enjoy the benefits of this jewelry — but on the red carpet, you’ll find no shortage of celebrities that have a reputation for loving crystal jewelry. From star like  Beyonce to Heidi Klum, to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, these sparkling and radiant crystal jewels have become synonymous with stardom.

But this jewelry isn’t just about beauty. You’ll find that many well-known stars use crystals for positive energy, good luck, a spirit of calm and healing.

Crystal Jewels are Worn by Celebrities

Star like Debra Messing and Julianne Hough swear by the meditative and peaceful benefits of wearing jewelry with crystals.

Crystal Jewels are Worn by Celebrities

Busy Philips always wears a crystal necklace and Adele revealed that wearing such jewelry collection helped her overcome her stage nerves.

Crystal Jewels are Worn by Celebrities

This jewelry collection even shines in business ventures. Kim Kardashian-West has embodied crystals in her perfume line, KKW Fragrance, and Bella Hadid incorporated them into her 2018 pre-fall jewelry collection.

New to Crystal Healing? Let Us Help You Find the Right Jewelry

If you’re just now exploring the exciting world of crystal jewelry or you’ve been wearing this jewelry for years and never realized how many benefits that each item offers (besides their matchless and distinct beauty), then here’s what you need to know.


What Exactly is Crystal Jewelry?

Before we discuss the jewelry options, let’s start with the basics about crystals.

Crystals are a natural stone, but they’re not just minerals, and they’re not just rocks.

Crystals cover a wide range of natural substances including table salt, snow, diamonds, and graphite (the lead inside your common pencil). But, the crystals you wear in jewelry are formed either by pressurized, molten minerals that are quickly cooled or when liquid evaporates from a natural substance – and remaining components crystallize.

Crystal Sizes, Colors, Shapes & Jewelry Options

Beautifully colored, fancy crystals come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and each crystal (and indeed each piece of jewelry) will have different characteristics.

The name of each crystal is based on what the crystal is composed of. This applies to high-end crystals such as diamonds and rubies, as well as energy healing crystals such as apatite, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Tigers Eye.


How is a Crystal Formed Before It’s Used in Jewelry?

Most crystals are formed in water, and some are formed deep within the earth. Ancient crystals have been hidden in the Earth’s crust or sea beds for millions of years. But, no matter how old or young it is, a raw crystal is derived from a combination of water and other natural elements like carbon, calcium, or silica.

Over time, the combination of temperature, pressure, and other mechanisms of crystallization or solidification, will cause crystals to form with distinct patterns and color ranges.






Sterling Silver


Gold Plated


Crystal vs. Diamond vs. Sterling Silver vs. Gold Plated?

If you’re wondering why a crystal is not as costly as a diamond, it all comes down to availability and clarity.

Diamonds are rare and extremely clear, while crystals are more common. Still, the beauty of a crystal is unlike a diamond, which is typically rated for its clarity, brilliance, and sparkle. A crystal can have so many different styles and its uniqueness is graded on several factors:

Mask Group 24

Crystal shape

Mask Group 21

Crystal size

Mask Group 25

Patterns on the crystal

Mask Group 23

Texture of the crystal

Crystal color (or colors)

Another key factor is how the crystal is incorporated into the jewelry. For example, the style of the pendant can also have an impact on the “value” of the jewelry. But this is another important difference between crystal and diamond jewelry (as well as gold, sterling silver and so on): diamond and gold tone jewelry are often defined by their monetary value, whereas the value of a crystal bracelet or pendant, for example, is based on its healing or energy properties.

The Difference Between Crystal Jewelry and Gemstones


A common question people have is whether there is a difference between gemstones and crystals since they both come in varied colors and shapes. Sometimes the terms “crystal” and “gemstone” are used interchangeably, especially when it comes to their use in jewelry. However, there are some technical differences between the two.

  1. The first and most obvious difference is that gemstones are used for one application – to adorn necklace, bracelet, earring, and pendant jewelry. Wearing crystals will fill this bill, but a crystal is also seen as an alternative or holistic approach to well-being. Crystals are used in jewelry, for healing, and in watchmaking, construction, and manufacturing (industrial saws and oil well drills).

  2. Another difference is the age of the item. Minerals are the oldest of these substances, followed by the evolution of crystals, then gemstones follow as the youngest. It’s not a simple matter to explain the difference between crystals and gems in scientific terms. But, gemstones are a high-value rock or mineral used primarily for adornment or investment purposes as a commodity. Crystals are also minerals, but they are formed in a very specific environment and under very specific conditions.  And these conditions must be perfect or else the crystal isn’t going to form.

Healing & Spiritual Properties of a Crystal

Crystals are Ancient Forms of Healing

A crystal has a spiritual component that is similar to Hindu and Buddhism philosophies. And much of the healing and spiritual properties revolve around the mystical way we humans are drawn to the color and beauty of crystals.

Each type of crystal is associated with specific benefits. This may be the flow of good energy, physical healing, soul cleansing, or mental clarity and peace. Many people tout the emotional benefits of wearing crystal jewelry as bringing peace and balance.

Many others have testified that while holding a certain crystal they have experienced a tingling sensation in the body or a feeling of warmth overcomes them. Many others sincerely believe that the crystal they wear shields them from negative energy and spirits while attracting positive situations and relationships. Whatever holistic healing you desire, there is a crystal that is known for supplying it.

What are Some Popular Crystal Options for Jewelry?

16 Crystals for Healing, Protection, Energy, and Other Benefits

Here are some of the most popular crystal & stone options for jewelry and their healing or spiritual benefits:

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear / White Quartz Crystal

A very popular crystal for jewelry, White and Clear Quartz crystal is highly desired in the creative communities and are worn by musicians, actors, and artists to release and amplify stored up energy. These White and Clear Quartz crystal is also thought to improve memory, concentration, and the crystal can also help boost the immune system. If you suffer from migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness, try wearing a Clear Quartz crystal necklace or bracelet (or other jewelry item) for relief.

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Rose Quartz Crystal

An absolutely beautiful pink crystal that signifies unconditional love, trust, and harmony. Rose Quartz crystal affects the heart chakra and provides healing that is deep and sweet. Wear a Rose Quartz crystal pendant during times of grief to promote comfort and calm. This crystal can also enhance communication between loved ones.

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Amethyst Crystal

Renowned for its distinctively purple hues, the Amethyst crystal is said to have incredible properties of protection, healing, and purification. This crystal can calm a negative mindset, relieve pain, and reduce stress while promoting better sleep. Like Aquamarine consider wearing Amethyst adorned earrings to gain spiritual wisdom, especially when trying to understand dreams.

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Obsidian Stone

This raw stone is borne from the fire and lava of ancient volcanos. If you’re going through tough times, raw Obsidian has shielding properties and promotes strength in mind and spirit. You will find this crystal in many igneous rock colors, including green, black, red, blue, tan, or brown. This stone is also used for detoxification and may aid in digestion.

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White / Silver Selenite Crystal

This crystal goes by many names – satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower and is known for its spiritual and mental cleansing properties. You can easily recognize Selenite crystal because it’s visibly distinguished by its moon-like, white reflections. Wear Selenite crystal for its ethereal and angelic healing properties and to bring your life cycles into perfect harmony.

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Agate Stone

If you want a healing bracelet to wear, choose Agate or Apatite. Agate is not technically a crystal, these are earthy stones from ancient Babylon and were commonly built into amulets and Agate is worn for balance and protection between negative and positive forces of the metaphysical world. If you often experience polar or opposite energies, Agate can be used to bring about harmony and self-confidence.

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Black Tourmaline Crystal

Wear a Black Tourmaline crystal necklace to remove the negativity surrounding wherever you go or place a crystal in the corners of your home or at your front door. Any places where you experience a toxic environment, Black Tourmaline crystal will offer a layer of energy protection. This jet black colored crystal is prevalent in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest but the crystal was first discovered deep in the mines of Saxony, Germany.

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Jade Crystal

Known to incite a positive Feng Shui and good luck to its wearers, Jade crystal is one of the most recognizable crystals in the world. This crystal is cool to the touch and the deep and bright green brings an instant connection to Mother Nature. Men often wear Jade crystal in a ring setting, while women prefer a Jade crystal pendant. If you want things to flow toward you while also cultivating harmonious relationships, Jade crystal is a good choice.

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Raw Pyrite Crystal

You won’t mistake this crystal for any other because it features a brassy, metallic finish that sometimes can look like gold tone plated in the rough. The energy of Pyrite crystal is so strong that it sometimes will emit sparks. Use Pyrite crystal to shield against EMF from cell towers and power lines, or wear it in your favorite setting to protect against psychic attacks. This crystal is popular with men, especially those in leadership or professional roles.

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Citrine Crystal

Create an aura of wonder, joy, and positive energy when you wear this bright yellow/orange crystal that will usher in the healing properties of the sun. If you desire a creative boost or need to focus and concentrate, then consider wearing a Citrine crystal bracelet while you work. This crystal also encourages enthusiasm and motivation while releasing you from habitual traits like fear or doubt.

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Moonstone Crystal

The crystal properties of Black Moonstone include calming energies and vibrations that protect our emotional stability and physical safety. Some women keep a tumbled moonstone in their pocket to alleviate PMS symptoms and increase intuition before making decisions. A moonstone crystal will contain streaks or blocks of white, grey, brown or tan color – which makes for a beautiful, crystal statement piece when set in a necklace pendant.

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Carnelian Crystal

With strong healing powers, Carnelian crystal is an absolutely beautiful crystal stone that bears the look of fire. This crystal will have a color range from clear to translucent reds, pale orange, and browns. If you want to stimulate your creative juices or restore your motivation, wear this crystal. You may also notice a sharper concentration and a stimulated sex drive from wearing jewelry with a Carnelian crystal.

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Dumortierite Stone

If you’re looking for a rare and exquisite stone, Dumortierite is a great choice. This stone features a metallic look due to its high concentration of aluminum borate silicate minerals. This is a crystal with high vibrations that can raise the wearer’s intellect, intuition, and can put you in touch with higher realms of thought and personal memory.

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Chrysoprase Crystal

For a truly unique and brightly colored crystal, consider wearing a Chrysoprase crystal necklace to balance your Yin-Yang energies, heal a broken heart, and ward off bad dreams. Chrysoprase crystal is known for its ability to bring truths to the wearer’s mind. This crystal also helps in healing your inner child while promoting love, hope, and creativity.

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Tiger’s Eye Stone

A perfect gift for the man in your life is a Tigers Eye bracelet that features beautiful bands of yellow-gold that highlight the silky and lustrous red-brown stone like topaz. Tigers Eye is a common stone for a man’s ring but is also prized by women who wear bracelets of round Tigers Eye stones. Expect this crystal to uncloud your emotions, while also increasing confidence and will-power. These stones are mined from sources in  South Africa, Western Australia, Brazil, India, and the USA.

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Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite crystal is commonly used to facilitate meditation. A standalone kyanite crystal or jewelry made with kyanie can align your chakras immediately. This crystal also has a tranquil, calming effect, and helps to convert negative energy into positive energy. It never needs cleansing and will not accumulate negative energy.

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Popular Crystal & Stone Jewelry Styles

Crystal and stones not only embody healing properties, but they also happen to be very in-style and chic.

The jewelry styles range from vintage to modern, creative to classy, and from unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to popular, contemporary styles. Not only do the jewelry styles vary, but the size of the crystal can range from petite and feminine or make a bold statement with a larger crystal or stone. A great style for a raw or rough finished crystal is to simply wear a large crystal strung on an 18-inch to 24-inch chain or natural rope.


Benefits Beyond Healing & Energy

Since even a raw crystal is naturally beautiful, you don’t need much of a setting to enhance their visual appeal like gold. Sure, you can add some glitz with a gold tone plated or rhodium plated setting, or a gold plated chain, etc. — though it’s not really necessary like those rhodium plated or gold except for style preferences. The beauty and healing benefits of the crystal will shine no matter what.

Need some ideas on how to wear a crystal accessory?

  • Go long with your crystal pendant necklace like how you usually wear your gold necklaces, rings, and earrings for evening wear or to coordinate with special outfits.

  • When casual, a collection of bright, sparkling crystal bracelets will liven up denim and other informal outfits. Unlike gold, the multicolor nature of a collection of crystals lends itself beautifully to any outfit, whether a little black dress or muted and conservative office wear.


Finally, many people choose to purchase a crystal pouch of unmounted, natural healing crystals to create their own custom-designed jewelry pieces – or simply for carrying or keeping in their home.

For ring mounting, there are a number of popular crystal colors, especially Turquoise, Jade, and Tigers Eye. According to the International Gem Society, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Moonstone, Amber, Citrine, and Aquamarine are some of the most popular crystals used for adornment.


How to Choose a Crystal Necklace

If you’re looking specifically for a crystal necklace or pendant, there are several considerations to make.

Crystals are so popular, that you will find a wide variety of necklace options to fit your personal tastes and healing balance.

First, consider the individual properties of each crystal, and how the crystal can benefit your goals and lifestyle. Next, there are a number of personal preferences that should be considered as you compare crystal necklace options.

Which item is right for you? Consider these questions as a starting point:

  • Is there a preference for raw and natural stone or brightly shining crystal?

  • Are you looking for a crystal to speed up the healing of a cold or achy back?

  • Do you have emotional energies that need healing, such as a broken heart?

  • Have you considered a crystal that represents your birthday or other special months?

  • Do you tend to feel especially connected to certain colors?


If you are looking for a personal attachment to your crystal necklace, charm bracelet or other gold jewelry, birthstones are a great choice. Here are the crystals and gemstones connected with each month of the year:


January: Garnet Crystal


February: Amethyst Crystal


March: Aquamarine Crystal


May: Emerald Crystal


June: Pearl or Alexandrite Crystal


July: Ruby Crystal


August: Peridot Crystal


September: Sapphire Crystal


October: Opal Crystal


November: Topaz Crystal


December: Tanzanite Crystal

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Tips for Building Your Jewelry Collection

Tips for Building Your Jewelry Collection

Many people choose the type of crystal for their necklace or pendant by looking at the health benefits to the wearer. At Crystalis, we have a massive collection and we offer a comprehensive A-Z listing of crystal and stones properties, which outlines all the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of each type of crystal

For body cleansing, an Amber charm necklace would be a good choice, while if you suffer from pain and inflammation, a Citrine crystal necklace is even better.

What about Amethyst, Quartz, Agate, Carnelian or Moonstone Jewelry?

You can also find your dream crystal necklace by looking closely at the mental health benefits.

You will discover powerful crystals that possess the ability to balance emotions and clarity of thought. Clear quartz crystal, agate, carnelian, and Moonstone crystal all fit these criteria.

If you want to balance your energy centers, a multi-coloured crystal necklace is a good choice. If your intention is clearing the third eye of your chakra center, then a purple, amethyst crystal is a beautiful option for a pendant.

Selecting the Right Pendant for a Necklace

You may also want to factor in the shape of your face when choosing a crystal pendant or necklace. If you have an oval shaped face, you can wear just about any length of crystal necklace. A longer jawline is enhanced with a shorter necklace – between 16 and 18 inches. While heart-shaped faces are accented well with a choker or other short necklace style.

Of course, you will want a variety of crystal colors and jewelry styles to coordinate with different outfits and seasons. During colder months when necks are covered, a pendant with a large crystal can make the perfect statement piece. Any outfit that has a scoop neckline would be perfect for a shorter crystal necklace. An 18-inch chain is the most versatile choice for the of a crystal necklace. They tend to go well with any outfit and fit any body type.

Necklace & Bracelet Styles for Energy, Protection, & Healing

Finally, you want to consider the necklace style. You can place crystals on long 24-inch and longer chain or they can be worn closer to the neck, similar to a choker. In general, women with a fuller upper body tend to choose shorter length necklaces that sit higher up on the neckline between 18 and 22 inches. Smaller women enjoy lengths between 28 and 36 inches for their crystal necklace.

The goal is to choose your own sacred crystal and mount them in jewelry styles that fit your wardrobe needs. Don’t forget to consider crystal as a perfect holiday gift. Especially a crystal bracelet for either male or females. People wear healing bracelets while meditating or anytime they must face difficult life choices. A colorful crystal bracelet is also a great way to layer your existing gold or silver bangles, or create a color ensemble of different crystal bracelets to brighten up any outfit.

Excellent Styles for Women and Men

Crystalis is your one-stop shop for crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, pendant stones, crystal beads and other jewelry.

Our website can help you easily find specialized crystal for a variety of applications. We also keep a large inventory of crystal jewelry for all budgets, including under $50 and premium jewelry lines that feature high-value crystal and stones set in exquisite settings. Treat yourself of shop gifts for loved ones — we have options for every need.

Need some more guidance? View our blog and browse our numerous customer reviews to help you find the perfect jewelry for you.

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