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Mindfulness The Ultimate Treatment For Health, Anxiety, And Sleep

Have you ever wonder why there are so many people suffering from anxiety, autoimmune diseases, chronic medical conditions, depression, psychosomatic pains, and sleep disorders. There is compiling evidence about the negative effects of our lifestyle on our mental and physical health. More than 5% of Americans take sleeping pills, a staggering 20% of people suffer […]

Heal your worries and stress away with crystals

Healing crystals, surely you must have heard about it somewhere from someone because of its immense popularity. From celebrities to commoners, everyone indulges in some or the other form of crystal healing. Basically, the idea behind this therapy is that every crystal possesses some sort of healing power and this you can feel right from […]

Crystal Clear Health

‘Trend’ is a word that is often heard in every day conversation across the spectrum. People always want to do what is trendy, and follow the currents trends in order to stay relevant or fashionable. New trends are constantly emerging in every sector – a sign of constant innovation and experimentation. A key feature of […]

The power of precious stones and healing crystals

The healing power of crystals and stones are widely known the world over. It is an ancient practice associated with primitive societies and wandering units. There is a certain amount of mystery associated with healing crystals. There are some in the society who believe in the miraculous power or precious stones and crystals and there […]

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